Auto Accidents

  • $3,900,000 – Drunk Driver Accident – Valle
  • $3,374,000 – Severe Arm Injury – Vetter v. Byron
  • Confidential Settlement – Wrongful Death Motorcycle – L.J. v. Local Government
  • Confidential Settlement – Car/Bicycle Accident – M.C. v. Insurance Company
  • Confidential Settlement – Rear Car Accident – R.A. v. Major Beverage Distributor

Medical Malpractice

  • Confidential Settlement – DeathMedication Error – Estate of S.R. v. Hospital & Doctors
  • Confidential Settlement – Unnecessary and Negligent Surgery – D.J. v. Doctor and Practice Group
  • Confidential Settlement – Failure to Administer Anesthesia in Vein – A.M. v. Hospital, Doctors & Nurses
  • Confidential Settlement – Negligent Laceration of Patient’s Organ – G.V. v. Hospital & Doctors

Premises Liability

  • $1,800,000 – Security Wrongful Death – Estate of L.G. v. Security Company
  • $700,000 – Restaurant Parking Lot Injury – R.S. v. Denney’s
  • $450,000 – Parking Lot Gunshot Victim – C.G. v. Confidential Property Owner
  • $250,000 – Apartment Complex Gunshot Victim – D.A. v. Confidential Property Owner
  • $150,000 – Apartment Complex Gunshot Victim – D.A. v. Confidential Property Owner
  • $375,000 – Apartment Complex Murder Witness Infliction of Emotional Distress to Minor – Minor v. Confidential Property Owner
  • $1,000,000 – Sexual Assault of a Minor at a private school – J.W. v. Heritage Schools
  • Confidential Settlement – Sexual Assault Injury on Cruise Ship – Minors v. Cruise Ship
  • Confidential Settlement – Sexual Assault at Caribbean Resort Minors v. Cruise Ship
  • Confidential Settlement –  Food Poisoning – N.W. v. Walt Disney
  • Confidential Settlement – Slip/Fall Inside Major Grocery Store Chain
  • Confidential Settlement – Mold Exposure – R.A. v. Condominium
  • Confidential Settlement – Slip/Fall Inside Major Grocery Store Chain


  • Confidential Settlement – Nursing Home Negligence/Elder Abuse – L.C. v. Nursing Home

Personal Injury

  • Successfully represented the family of young woman who was killed by a drunk driver while waiting at a traffic light after he collided with the rear of her vehicle.
  • Successfully represented the parents of a young woman who was sexually fondled by another passenger aboard a major cruise line. 
  • Successfully represented the parents of a minor child who was sexually assaulted in closet at a private school. 
  • Successfully represented the parents of a young woman who was sexually fondled by an intruder into their hotel room at an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean.
  • Successfully represented the children of an adult woman who went to the hospital complaining of stomach pains and was given a lethal dosage of the wrong medication.  
  • Successfully represented the family of a mentally ill woman whose assisted living facility allowed her to go without her psychotropic medication, leading to an altercation with police in which she suffered major cornea damage.
  • Successfully represented young man who was shot in the head multiple times on the premises of a strip center by a stranger.
  • Successfully represented a passenger on a major airline who had scalding hot tea spilled in her lap by a flight attendant causing permanent scarring on her abdomen.
  • Successfully represented a elderly patient who suffered permanent damage to her dominant arm when the nursing staff and doctors failed to administer anesthesia into her vein.

Criminal Defense

  • One of Omar’s most notable cases was a six-month “Cali Cartel” drug importation and conspiracy trial, which involved more than 50 defendants. It was the largest drug importation and conspiracy case ever brought in the United States at that time. Omar’s  client was one of only two defendants found not guilty in the trial.
  • Successfully represented a former insurance company CEO accused of violating federal law in one of the largest bankruptcy fraud cases in the Southeastern United States.
  • Represented a CEO of an internet pharmacy accused of violating federal narcotics law.
  • Represented a former chief psychiatric officer of a healthcare company accused, with other executives, of defrauding Medicare out of more than $60,000,000.00.
  • Represented a pastor (featured on CNBC’s “American Greed”) accused of fraud, money laundering and drug trafficking
  • Successfully represented stockbrokers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents and insurance agents in connection with grand jury investigations of alleged mail and wire fraud.
  • Successfully represented police officers and federal agents in connection with criminal and administrative investigations.
  • Successfully represented a professional baseball player accused of domestic violence.
  • Successfully represented an former NFL player accused of violating federal law.
  • Successfully represented a soap opera star accused of drug trafficking.
  • Successfully represented numerous musical artists accused of violating federal and state law.

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