In today’s complex business environment, it is nearly impossible to conduct business without having to face numerous legal issues. The unpredictable nature of business requires a skilled law firm that you can count on to proactively identify and resolve legal conflicts before they arise or require expensive litigation.

The Malone Law Firm has extensive experience preventing, handling and resolving commercial disputes involving all types issues, including contract creation and business formation. We are keenly aware that legal disputes create significant costs for all businesses. Therefore, we strive to resolve every dispute before legal action becomes necessary. However, when a dispute is unavoidable and litigation is inevitable, The Malone Law Firm has the knowledge, skill and courtroom experience to succeed at trial.

The Malone Law Firm is experienced in resolving complex business disputes, including:

  • Commercial Real Estate Disputes
    • Leases, rents,
  • Commercial Relationship Disputes
    • Joint venture agreements
    • General and limited partnerships
    • Franchises
  • Corporate Formation
  • Breach of Contract Disputes
  • Internal Disputes
  • Business Litigation
  • Employee and Independent Contractor Issues

Protecting your business requires careful planning and quick reaction. Our business law representation focuses on protecting your immediate interests and your long-term goals. When you encounter a business dispute, we are ready to protect your rights.

Please contact The Malone Law Firm today to discuss your business needs: (305) 728-5134 or 1-800-BE-MY-LAWYER.

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